Dermaviduals Cleanse and Tone Face Tonic 150ml

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Dermaviduals Cleanse and Tone Face Tonic 150ml

Refreshing tonic with moisturising cucumber extract. Use after cleansing and before applying a face mask.

NOTE: Do not use on Rosacea


Aqueous dispersion with cucumber extract, humectants and panthenol.


Smoothing and refreshing preparation for application after skin cleansing.


The tonic is applied in a circular motion onto cleansed skin. Follow up care with DMSĀ®-base cream and add active agents depending on specific needs.


  • calming (cucumber extract)
  • retains water in the skin (humectant)
  • regenerating (D-panthenol)
  • aids in penetration of products
  • cucumber extract contains amino acids – which are an essential part of corneocyte compaction (polysacriade-amino acid)
  • contains 3% urea – aids as a free radial scavengers and balances hydration
  • contains NMF – calming, anti-inflammatory, and helps with histamine reaction (stops itch)