Laser/SFHR Hair Removal

Laser/SFHR Hair Removal

Laser/IPL Hair Removal provides facial hair, upper body and lower body hair removal treatment.


Painless hair removal treatment, works on light or dark skin, no more waxing or plucking and fast hair removal result.

What type of hair removal do you use?

We use the latest technology permanent hair reduction using a Super Fast Hair Removal system (SFHR).

How does Laser/SFHR hair removal work?

The Laser/SFHR hair removal machine is safer than most laser systems and just as effective as top end lasers and light treatment systems for permanent hair reduction.  The Laser/SFHR in-motion technology delivers less direct heat at the topical level of the skin as the Laser/SFHR hand piece gradually generates and increases heat to the hair follicle and its surrounding tissue well below the skin surface.  Using  the hair follicle melanin as a heat reservoir together with direct heating, the Laser/SFHR hair removal system achieves more effective damage to the follicle and prevent’s re-growth of hair.  The hand piece tip provides intense contact cooling to the skin protecting it and preventing superficial heat injury.

Is Laser/SFHR hair removal painful?

The Laser/SFHR hair removal solution provides pain free, fast and effective reliable results just as effectively for achieving permanent hair reduction.

How often will I need Laser/SFHR hair removal treatments?

Most clients should be treated with hair removal with an interval of 4-6 weeks.

How many sessions of Laser/SFHR hair removal do I need to see desired results?

The average number of laser/SFHR hair removal sessions overall is usually 6-8 sessions.

Is there any downtime?

You can resume your daily activity immediately without any downtime.

Can you treat all hair colours?

Another advantage of the Laser/SFHR hair removal is that unlike many other lasers and light systems, the Laser/SFHR machine can treat most hair colours successfully including dark hair, blond hair, light brown and red hair.  In many instances we may also achieve great results with grey hair.

Can you treat any skin type or colour?

We can treat most skin types including skin types 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.   Skin type one being the lightest possible skin and skin type five being fairly dark skin.  Ask your therapist if your skin type is suitable for Laser/SFHR hair removal treatment.




Lip & Chin 

Sides of Face

Full  Face


Neck (Front & Back)


1/2 Arms (Upper or Lower)

Full Arms

Hands & Fingers

Under Arm


Chest & Stomach



1/2 Back


1/2 Legs (Upper or Lower)

Full Legs

Foot & Toes



Female Brazilian

Female Brazilian & Underarm

Female Brazilian & Bikini

Male Brazilian & Bikini

Full Body 


$10 was $25

$10 was $25

$15 was $35

$20 was $55

$45 was $65

$45 was $65

$60 was $75

$70 was $130

$95 was $170

$40 was $55

$25 was $55

$45 was $120

$90 was $175

$45 was $80

$90 was $180

$70 was $100

$70 was $160

$90 was $200

$25 was $55

$29 was $55

$70 was $135

$25 was $55

$35 was $65

$49 was $110

$59 was $120

$240 was $399

  • Shave 24 hours prior to laser/SFHR hair removal treatment to achieve better result
  • Avoid sun exposure, sunburn, tanning, self-tanning creams for a minimum of 4 weeks prior to laser/SFHR hair removal treatment
  • No waxing, plucking or bleaching 4 weeks prior to laser/SFHR hair removal on the area of treatment
  • Avoid going to the gym, spas or saunas prior to treatment
  • Avoid activities that will make you hot and sweaty prior to treatment
  • After laser/SFHR hair removal treatment, some people may experience a mild sunburn-like sensation.  This usually lasts 2-24 hours but can persist up to 72 hours.
  • Bath or shower as usual.  Treated areas may be temperature sensitive.  Cool showers or baths will offer relief.
  • Avoid excessive scrubbing with scrub brushes, loofahs, sponges and use of exfoliants (glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acids, astringents, perfumes, deodorants and after shave) for at least 7-10 days on the treated area post treatment.
  • Avoid sun exposure to treated areas, as well as the use of sun tanning beds and self-tanning creams.
  • Keep the area moisturised.  You may use your normal moisturiser or one recommended by your therapist.  Cream or aloe vera gel will help.  Use aloe vera gel if very red and/or swollen.  Use a light moisturiser only, no AHA’s
  • Use SPF30+ sunscreen if sun exposure is unavoidable.  Sun avoidance will decrease the likelihood of skin colour changes.
  • It is important to be aware that your hair will shed for up to one month after your treatment.  The hair will appear to be growing but will easily be removed by hand.  You may use a loofah regularly to encourage this shedding.
  • Hairs that were in the resting phase at the time of treatment may enter the active phase in 1-6 months depending on the body area.
  • Follow up treatment may be performed at a 4 week interval or within 2 weeks of new hair growth.
  • Avoid swimming, hot tubs, jacuzzis and excessive exercise for 7 days after treatment or until redness resolves.
  • If blisters occur, seek medical advice and inform the clinic.
  • Often people with oilier skin and deep dense hair may experience pimple-like breakouts.  This is normal and will eventually subside.
  • Women having their full bikini area treated and men having their face and/or neck treated may experience severe swelling, redness and pimple-like breakouts.  this may take up to 3 weeks to subside.
  • It is important to note that hair loss will become more noticeable after approximately the third to fifth treatment.

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