IV Glutathione & Vitamin C

When will I see results IV Glutathione & Vitamin C?

It depends. Everyone has different effects since it all depends on how your body processes it- depending on your diet, activity, lifestyle, weight and height, age and metabolic factors. However, most of our clients can see noticeable change on their skin (lightening or refinement) after 4-6 vials.

What are the side effects of IV Glutathione & Vitamin C?

As long as you don’t have allergies to the product components, you should not be alarmed. Sometimes, you can feel mild side effects like mild headache and nausea right after the infusion. The detoxification reaction (Herxheimer reaction) you may feel is normal, as IV Glutathione & Vitamin C major role is being the ‘Master antioxidant’ of the body.

Do I get back to my original colour when I stop?

Because Glutathione acts by reducing melanin (black pigment of the skin), you must take measures to avoid your body’s melanin production. Melanin production is triggered by sun exposure or lack of sun protection, inflammation, skin damage (e.g. infection, wounds, acne) medications and hair removal treatments.

Do I still need sunscreen since it makes me light?

YES, sunscreen is a must and full body protection is what you should have since you need a higher UV precaution with this procedure.

Do I need a Doctor’s prescription when I do this?

Yes, you need to have a quick doctor’s consultation (which we can provide on the day), whether face to face, via phone or video call conversation. Please ensure you disclose everything that is necessary for your health and safety.

I am taking other supplements, will that be okay?

Yes, as long as your vitamin supplements do not exceed your recommended intake. Some supplements may actually increase Glutathione and Vitamin C serum absorption, so there is nothing wrong with that.

Is the lightening effect permanent?

It will be, if you maintain your Glutathione and Vitamin C supplementation (may be oral) or IV injection. Our recommended maintenance is 1-2 sessions per month after you achieve your targeted colour or skin tone. It is also best to have a healthy diet (high protein) and lifestyle with reduction of alcohol and caffeine intake and smoking.