Enzyme Peel Facial

Enzyme Peel Facial


  • double cleanse
  • microdermabrasion
  • enzyme peel application with steam
  • oxygen infusion spray
  • LED light therapy


Safe for all skin types, exfoliates the skin, skin renewal, helps loosens and remove dead skin cells, helps cleanse and unclogging pores, improves skin texture, prevents formation of comedones, milia and pustules.



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How does enzyme peel work?

The uppermost layer of skin is primarily made up of a protein called keratin. Enzyme peels work by hydrolyzing or breaking up this protein, removing dull, dry, damaged surface cells and impurities leaving you with softer, smoother skin.  The enzyme processes working in your skin are not quite as fast as in the gut, but they react at an impressive rate when you realize what their work encompasses.

The enzyme peel loosens and removes the dead skin cells (keratinozytes). The result are smaller pores, a very even skin appearance and an increased receptivity of the skin for the subsequently applied active agents.  Along with the influence of heat and humidity the enzymes penetrate between comedo plug and follicular wall and loosen or even partially dissolve the sebaceous and cornoid mixture.

What are the benefits of enzyme peel?

One of the awesome benefits of enzyme peel is it exfoliate much faster. Which means you can achieve a glowing and smooth skin in no time. The enzyme peel goes deeper into the pores, cleans it, removing skin impurities, dead skin cells as it loosens from the enzyme peel. As a result, this can help reduce the size of the pores.  In addition to that, it has a preventive effect against comedones, milia and pustules.  Enzyme peel is widely recommended because it is safe for almost all skin types.

Is there are downtime after the enzyme peel treatment?

None at all. Enzyme peel does not cause your skin to turn red. So you don’t have to stay at home for days.

What are the contraindications for the enzyme peel treatment?

This treatment is contraindicated to clients who have allergies to pineapple and papaya.

Is there a side effect for the enzyme peel treatment?

No, there are no side effects as long as you are not allergic to pineapple and papaya.

How many sessions of enzyme peel treatment do I need?

It will be case to case basis. We will provide a consultation prior to the treatment to assess your skin care needs.

Can I apply make up after the treatment?

We recommend to refrain putting on makeup for at least 24 post treatment.

Enzyme Peel Deep Cleansing and Peeling Treatment Procedure

Dermaviduals Enzyme Peel Treatment 

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