Cindella Skin Lightening Facial

Now you can experience Korean ‘Cinderella Bright’ complexion. Cindella Skin Lightening Facial is comprised of the main ingredient of alpha-lipoic acid, which moves both inside and outside the cell to eradicate wastes and promote immune function of the skin, to prevent acne/blemishes. Cindella Skin Lightening Facial is known to improve the action of antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Coenzyme Q and Glutathione. Due to its lipolytic functions, it helps tone the face and reduce baggy eyes and saggy skin. Cindella Skin Lightening Facialalso improves skin elasticity, promotes collagen regeneration and like the glutathione, it helps to achieve skin lightening and flawless skin tone by reducing your melanin production.

Cindella Skin Lightening Facial FAQs

Are there any side effects from having these Cindella Skin Lightening Facial treatments?

Glutathione and Cindella are compounds or antioxidants naturally produced by the body to protect us from ageing and oxidative damage. Our products are vegan, organic and are derived from broccoli and spinach.

How long will Cindella Skin Lightening Facial take me to see the results?

After one treatment, you can notice a difference on your skin straight away as we are using different kinds of technology to apply these compounds into the skin surface. Your skin will appear healthy, bright, exfoliated and refreshed after every session.

Are there any allergies?

Since our products are natural and organic, there are no reported allergies to it.

Will it leave marks and patches on my skin?

These dermal treatments are non-invasive, relaxing facials. It does not leave marks on the skin, although we use exfoliations and scrubs. Sometimes, there will be mild redness but calms down after few minutes.

ToggleHow many sessions of Cindella Skin Lightening Facial I need?

To achieve maximum results, we suggest you have 6-8 sessions in a 2-weekly interval and maintain it every 6 weeks, after that.

Is there any downtime?

This treatment is more on exfoliation and infusion of skin lightening products, so there is no downtime at all. However, it is best to avoid sun exposure after facial procedures as your skin is ‘open’ for 5-7 days.

Can I put make-up on after the treatment?

Yes, you can, but only Mineral Make-ups are allowed for use after dermal procedures. Mineral Make-ups or Skin Care Make-ups are plant-based, non-comedogenic and have therapeutic properties from its Multivitamin ingredients and healing factors such as Zinc and Silicon to repair your skin.

Are these procedures safe for sensitive skin?

These procedures are safe for sensitive skin because glutathione and cindella themselves promote cellular regeneration and enhance your skin’s immune function. Not only that they promote skin lightening but they promote skin health and wellness as well.

Cindella Skin Lightening Facial