Carbon Laser Peel / China Doll Peel

Carbon Laser Peel / China Doll Peel


  • Double cleanse
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Topical anaesthetic application
  • Carbon application
  • Pico laser
  • Oxygen infusion spray
  • LED light therapy


Helps treat skin imperfection, promotes fresh and even glow, reduces sebum production and removes excess oil and impurities, regenerates the skin, decreases the appearance of uneven skin tone, improves skin texture, removes dead skin cells, for acne treatment as it destroys the bacteria the causes acne and shrinks sebaceous glands, reduces congestion build up in the pores, stimulate collagen production, for firmer and plump skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, reduces the size of pores and skin lightening.



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What is carbon laser peel?

Carbon laser peel is also known as ‘Hollywood Peel’ or ‘China Doll Peel’ is innovative and non-surgical laser resurfacing technique to treat skin imperfections. It is completely painless and highly beneficial for all skin types. Carbon peels target the deepest layer of the skin and result in smoother, luminous and glowing skin. It is commonly used for acne treatment as well.

How does carbon laser peel / china doll peel works?

This treatment is a 2-part process. First, a layer of carbon mask is applied to the skin. The carbon absorbs dirt from within the pores, reduces the inflammation of acne and exfoliates the skin.

A low energy laser is then passed over the surface of the skin. The laser breaks down the carbon, taking with it any contaminants that it has absorbed. The warming effect from the destruction of the carbon stimulates the collagen in the skin, leaving skin plumper and glowing and diminishing fine lines. Facial pores size is reduced makes younger-looking skin, evidence of reduction of fine lines and skin feels firmer and young.

What are the benefits of carbon laser peel / china doll peel?

Carbon peel laser works like magic! This treatment will remove excess sebum that causes breakouts. It also cleans the pores making it tighter and smaller. The treatment also lightens age spots and dark spots, leaving your face with that radiant glow. Not just that, it also helps stimulate collagen production that treats uneven skin tone and pigmentation due to sun damage.  

It has also been known to be used for skin lightening.

Is there any downtime after the carbon laser treatment?

The carbon laser peel has minimal downtime from slight redness after the procedure which resolves within 24 hours.

Is carbon laser treatment painful?

There will be a bit of discomfort because of the burst of high energy pulses but a numbing cream can minimize this.  It may feel like an elastic band flicking on the skin or you may experience heat. After the pico laser treatment, it may feel like sunburn for several hours.

Are there any side effects after a carbon laser peel treatment?

The side effects are mild and of short duration. A slight redness or a sunburnt feeling may be experienced following treatment, lasting less than 24 hours in most people.

How many carbon laser peel / china doll peel do I require to see the desired result?

The number of sessions may vary depending on the case of the patient. Normally, 4 to 6 sessions, spaced 2 to 4 weeks apart are recommended for optimal results. We will be providing the consultation and recommend the best way to achieve your goal.  Once you reach your desired result, a maintenance is recommended once every 2 to 3 months.

Can I apply make up after the carbon laser peel treatment?

We recommend to refrain putting on makeup for at least 24 post treatment.  A mineral makeup with SPF is recommended.

  • If you have a tan treatment may have to be postponed, therefore avoid all skin tanning activities including driving and/or tanning products for at least two to four weeks prior to treatment. During this period use an SPF30+ sunscreen applied hourly if you are exposed.
  • Do not pluck, bleach or wax areas to be treated for at least two weeks prior to treatment.
  • Do not use Retin-A for two weeks or Roaccutane for at least six months prior to treatment.
  • Apply the cream provided by the clinic as instructed until finished to treated areas.
  • We recommend purchasing a Post Care Kit for effective treatment outcome.
  • Any occurring redness is a natural response which normally reduces as the skin returns to normal within a few hours or up to two days. While the skin appears red do not indulge in activities causing perspiration, use swimming pools or spas, take hot showers, or rub wet skin dry. Patting the skin dry following gentle, lukewarm showers using unscented cleansing products and application of recommended post care products will improve recovery time.
  • Blistering or swelling is unusual and should be reported immediately while simultaneously applying aloevera gel. Avoid touching or picking at affected areas as this increases the possibility of infection.

Benefits of Carbon Laser Peel

Carbon Laser for Skin Lightening

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